How to achieve a dream with little or no support system in place

How to achieve a dream with little or no support system in place

Universal Truth: Not everyone will cheer for you. Not everyone will want you to achieve your dreams. In fact, some will actively try to make sure that you don’t. It’s wise to be aware of this fact while at the same time acknowledge that ultimately you hold the power to fail or succeed on your own merits. When we begin to listen to the whispers that “You’re trying to do too much”, “The chances of you failing is pretty high”, “I think you’re living a pipe dream”, it’s easy to get discouraged.

It’s difficult to tell if they are genuinely concerned or are bitter naysayers who wouldn’t have the courage to follow through on a dream if their life depended on it. Not everyone understands that there is something that compels you that doesn’t really require their understanding. There are forces at work that you may have tried to ignore in the past by convincing yourself that you were reaching too high, trying too hard and possibly getting nowhere. Fast.

At the same time, keep in mind that not all critics are trying to destroy your dream. Examine the objections that they put forth by asking yourself if you’re being realistic about your goals? There’s nothing wrong with doing a complete assessment of the viability of what your plans are. Look at it from every angle. Be your toughest critic and ask the hard questions and answer them as if you don’t have a stake in the game. Use those seemingly negative comments/inquiries to your advantage by doing some serious introspection.

Find your tribe. Search for like-minded people who are trying to do the same thing that you are trying to do. Join clubs, meetups, Facebook Groups in the field that you are looking to enter. Most people are all too willing to help and believe in paying it forward. Despite how it may seem, people really do care and can be very supportive in helping you to get to the next step.  You simply must seek them out.

The most important thing is that you must believe in yourself.  Nothing ever gets done if your heart isn’t in it.  It has to come from deep within and there is no faking it.  Either it’s there or it isn’t.  There is literally nothing that can stand in your way if you are determined to see things through.  Having a little faith in what you can accomplish can reap big dividends.  While it would be nice to have someone on the sideline cheer you on, it’s not necessary.  You will fail and/or succeed based on the amount of effort, blood, sweat and tears that you put into it.  This could mean a very solitary existence for you because your focus will be on creating and achieving that dream.  The good news is that it won’t always be that way.

Everything that has ever happened in the world, began with an idea, a concept that sprang forth from someone’s head.  It took a little faith and inspiration to see it to fruition, but essentially, it all came from the individual, not external forces.  Believe that you have the power to wield similar results because what do you have to lose?  The only bad idea is one that has never been tested.  Recall the reason why you are doing this, what you have at stake and what your ultimate goals are and go after them.  The only person standing in the way and your real stumbling block is you.  Now, get busy.



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