I believe in seeing as much of the world as humanly possible!


I have always been inquisitive about life, nature and the big world atlas in the back of our old Funk & Wagnall’s encyclopedia that enchanted me as a child. I’ve always wanted to explore the things that people (lovingly) tried to steer me from (since little girls like me didn’t dare to dream THAT big) and perhaps I was influenced by explorers of several centuries past who longed to discover faraway places that I, too, had dreamed of.


Traveling is a release from the ‘real world’ which allows you to be who you really are without having to be subject to familiar stares and their requisite judgments. Not that you are planning to go on a drunken binge or anything, but just knowing that you can be who you really are is liberating.


What motivates me.


I love to write and I started this website as a hobby initially but decided that it would be more useful to help fellow travelers like myself discover fun and reasonably priced activities to indulge in. Therefore, the purpose of this blog was to educate others how to travel smart, and most of all, have fun.  Somehow, I have managed to persuade my daughter that this travel thing works even better with a partner in crime.  Now, we are both equally committed to sharing our travel experiences with you, dear reader, now that she has joined me as a staff photographer.


Here’s our purpose.


We are your everyday, run of the mill travel enthusiasts. We’re not independently wealthy but we’ve made the commitment to travel as much as vacation days and our salaries will allow. We would like to consider ourselves budget -smart travelers who refuse to pay full price.  And our purpose here is to share insights and tips with those in similar circumstances who want to see the world despite their limited resources.


We want to inspire those who think that traveling is some unobtainable dalliance for the rich and famous or the well connected. I’ve always believed that running self-defeating tapes in our heads is what tends to hold us back into inaction. It all comes down to believing in the possibility of great things happening for and to you.


No one is better than you…they may have more resources, but that doesn’t automatically disqualify you from seeing the world. It takes careful planning and some financial sacrifice which will require you to rethink how and where you spend your money, but it can be done.


What can our site offer you?


Travel Ideas and Advice

Trip Reports

Travel Photography

Gear Reviews

Inspiration and Motivation to get you on your way

Interviews with and tips from fellow travel bloggers

Travel How-To’s


Let’s stay in touch!


Yours in travel,

Renee and Carisa King


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