Experiencing nagging body pains? Thermophore is the answer!

Experiencing nagging body pains? Thermophore is the answer!

There is one truth that no one can dispute. At some time or another, you will experience pain….whether that be muscle, arthritis or simple sprains. Such pains can come from injury, overexertion or simply getting older.

Whatever the reason, you will eventually need relief. I wanted to share a wonderful discovery that has aided me in my battle with arthritis. A Heating Pad! Alright, maybe I need to qualify that statement. It’s not just any heating pad, it’s a lifesaver.

When I travel, I love to discover a lot of off the beaten path venues. That means a lot of walking up and down hills, winding roads, peaks, and valleys. You can imagine how my body feels at the end of the day and the fact that I suffer from arthritis doesn’t make it any easier.

Enter this miracle worker, Thermophore MaxHeat Moist Heating Pad. Unlike many of the heating pads that I’ve owned over the years, it’s provided consistent relief for me.  As you probably know, I am thrifty, so I wasn’t eager to spend $60.00 on a heating pad until I realized how much I had spent over time with pads that always conked out on me and was never that great, to begin with.  I lost more than I had ‘saved’ when all was said and done.

Since I’m tall, I always spring for the large 14″ x 27″ size which provides maximum coverage for my poor, overworked knees.  It’s handy when I am experiencing lower back problems too.  I figure, why chance it?  Get the largest size and that will cover any issue you may be having.

The heating pad gives you therapeutic relief in 20-minute increments.  Once the 20 minutes are up, the pad will automatically turn off.  Trust me when I tell you that I have tried many different brands over the years and nothing has come close to providing the soothing relief than this brand.

You can feel the deep penetrating moist heat from the pad that I can feel down to my bones.  It’s nothing short of amazing.  I’m glad that it shuts off automatically after 20 minutes, otherwise, I would be tempted to leave it on all night.  One of the best advantages to owning it is that it lulls me into a deep, peaceful sleep whereas before, I could only concentrate on the pain and muscle stiffness and staring at the walls all night.

The pad has three heat settings and comes with a washable, fleece-like cover which adds weight to the pad and prevents the pad from easily slipping.  It travels very well in a medium sized packing cube.  They offer a heating pad with a toggle switch that you would have to press down to receive heat (or place under your body to hold it down).  It will heat as long as you hold the lever down, that could be tricky while sleeping, you could potentially keep it on too long which wouldn’t be advisable.


If you have been searching for relief from chronic pain, this is your solution.  Don’t spend another day in pain and agony, purchase a Thermophore today!

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