A Decade of Desire: My Ultimate Travel Bucket List Part I

A Decade of Desire: My Ultimate Travel Bucket List Part I

Now that I’ve been traveling internationally for well over a decade, I think it’s time to challenge myself a bit more. I’ve accepted that my wanderlust might never be completely quenched due to work obligations, budget concerns or both. However, I’m a firm believer in declaring what you want as the first step in making it happen. Here I go!

Perhaps I was inspired by my recent Global Entry application. Obviously, I’m in it for the long-haul if I’m willing to pay for the privilege of line-skipping. I began compiling a list of places I wanted to visit, starting with all fifty states then branching out internationally. The ultimate goal is to visit every continent, but I also wanted it to be realistic due to my work schedule. For the first part of this series, I decided to stick closer to home, focusing on the Northern part of the Western Hemisphere.


  1. Alaska Range Cruise

Maybe it’s because of the many afternoons I spent watching Bob Ross paint happy little trees in front of magnificent ice-capped mountains as a child or maybe it’s because of the “purple mountain majesties” I had to sing about at that one assembly in 3rd grade.  Either way, I’ve always preferred the mountains to the beach. Ironically, next December, I’ll be embarking on my third cruise to an assortment of tropical destinations. To switch it up and combine my love of cruising and mountainscapes, I want to take an Alaskan cruise. Cruising through the Inside Passage while enjoying a gigantic mug of hot chocolate is my kind of vacation.

  1. Niagara Falls

It had always been on my list, but after watching Jim and Pam’s first wedding on The Office, Niagara Falls has been towards the top. I’ve been to New York and Canada several times, but I’ve yet to make my mark in Ontario or Western New York. I’m all about killing two birds with one stone and this will be the perfect opportunity. Whether enjoying the view of the Horseshoe Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls from the safety of Rainbow Bridge or while getting drenched on the boat deck, I know it’ll be a thrilling time!

  1. Cuba

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, it’s the perfect time to visit the vibrant and mysterious Cuba. When I think of Cuba, I envision a kaleidoscope of pastel-colored façades, impeccably restored classic American cars and the clearest water imaginable. I look forward to spending an afternoon strolling along The Malecón, dipping my toes in the gold spun sand of Playa Pilar, enjoying an Ensalada in one of La Habana Vieja’s many ice cream parlors and finding out all that this beautiful island has to offer!




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