A review of Elevation Chophouse and Skybar in Kennesaw, Georgia

A review of Elevation Chophouse and Skybar in Kennesaw, Georgia

I was searching for a unique place to take my daughter, Carisa for her birthday this past weekend.  As luck would have it, I learned about a restaurant that was located in the Cobb County International Airport at McCollum Field.  Okay, that sounded compelling enough for me to want to check it out.

Of course, I didn’t tell her where we were going, so she began to get concerned when we pulled into the airport entrance.  lol  There were plenty of signs directing us where to go, which is a good thing because otherwise, we would have been lost.

Elevation Chophouse and Skybar was built inside of an old hangar at the airport.  As we entered the building, we were met by a very nice host and greeter who led us upstairs to where the dining area was located.   Not long after, our server, came by to give us our menus.  Challn (pronounced, “SHALL – “N”; her father is Cajun, hence the absolutely cool name) was very nice, she took the time to give us a rundown of all of the brunch specials, took our drink order and gave us a moment to look over the menu.  I saw her later to tell her about Carisa’s birthday and wanted to know if they did anything special for the occasion.  She was more than happy to help and said that she would bring their house cheesecake to the table at the end of the meal.

Challn, the server with the mostess! Her kindness was only overshadowed by her professionalism. She made our experience memorable!

I have to say that they’ve used the space wisely.  There is a full-service bar on ground level, with an open air kitchen located right behind it.

After a few minutes, we had both decided what to order.  I was really feeling the Malibu Rum Pineapple and Glazed Canadian Salmon ($16.00).  It was served on a bed of kale with a side of basmati rice and slices of crispy plantain.  It was tender, flavorful and delicious.  Sometimes, restaurants make the mistake of covering their foods with too much sauce (maybe to hide the real taste?) but Elevation lived up to its name.  It was superb in every way.  Oh, the side of bacon ($4.00)?  Just ignore that.  I didn’t have breakfast that morning, so it really doesn’t count.  lol



Carisa loves everything Cajun or Creole, so it was only natural that she would order the Chef’s Jambalaya ($15.00), which was made of fresh regional and seasonal ingredients, andouille, rice and what looked like two whole chicken breasts.  She said that the spices were blended very well (read: it wasn’t so hot that she required a trough to sooth her burning throat).  It was a generous serving that she savored.



We highly recommend this well-kept secret known as Elevation Chophouse and Skybar.  Everyone was so courteous and friendly and every employee acknowledged and spoke to you.  The food was exceptional and very filling and the prices were extremely fair.  There weren’t many guests there for Saturday Brunch, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and their food.  I took note that the dining room was very clean as was their bathroom.

The most glaringly obvious aspect of this restaurant was its cool view of the tarmac and the various airplanes in the hangar.  It was slightly overcast, but still, a beautiful day and it was glorious to watch the private planes departing and returning from some unknown adventure.


Pro tip: Check into Yelp! while at Elevation and you will receive a free glass of their superb house wine.  I ordered the white zinfandel and I believe Carisa ordered the pinot noir.

It’s very nice to discover great dining in surrounding neighborhoods.  I have to say that it was worth the short drive and we will definitely be back again!

Grade: A+



Renee King
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