The Absolute Best Shoes For Sightseeing

The Absolute Best Shoes For Sightseeing

After months of planning, you’re finally ready to embark on that much-needed vacation. Armed for a week of glorious sightseeing, you’ve got the plane tickets, the rental car and hotel confirmations and an array of outfits for different occasions. But did you remember the most important item of all: a comfortable pair of shoes?

We’ve all seen her, Impractical Irene. The kind of woman who wears stilettos for a day at the museum or espadrilles for a hike in Yellowstone. For Impractical Irene, fashion trumps comfort. For me, comfort is the number one priority and I have found the Holy Grail: The Skechers Go Walk 3 Solar.

Skechers Go Walk 3 Solar Sightseeing

A Mighty Need

Working twelve-hour shifts on hard, concrete floors have been murder on my poor feet. For the past few months, I’ve tried different inserts to alleviate the pain from being on my feet all day. Gel nor memory foam could soothe the ache in my beaten down arches so I decided it was time to say goodbye to my issued shoes and hello to pain-free living.

As with any major purchase, I did a fair amount of research before making a decision. I needed a shoe that was lightweight, had strong shock absorption, arch support, non-slip soles and matched my uniform.  I’ve worn Skechers Work in the past and found that range to be a little stiff for the continuous walking at my job. During my frequent searches, I kept seeing glowing reviews for the Skechers Go Walk line.

Skechers Go Walk 3 Overview Sightseeing

Starting retail for this line was $70 and while I am not a cheapskate when it comes to necessary purchases, I have to admit to a little sticker shock. In the end, my aching feet won over my brain and I was ready to pull the trigger. I was almost ready to finalize my purchase when something told me to check Amazon first. Miraculously the very shoe I wanted was an Amazon Gold Box Deal, cutting the price in half!

Destiny Fulfilled

It’s been two months and my only regret is I didn’t buy a second pair! These shoes are amazing! Before them, I had to soak my feet every night. Now I’ve gone a month without looking at a bag of Epsom salt. The difference is like night and day. Every step with the goga® mat inserts feels like I’m walking on air. The heaviness of my previous shoes is noticeably absent and my stride is more confident because I’m not trying to compensate for the pain. I love these shoes so much, I wear them for everyday errands, for a day of sightseeing, or to simply walk outside to get the mail. I cannot recommend them enough!

Skechers Go Walk 3 Single Sightseeing

What’s your favorite shoe for sightseeing?



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