My review of

My review of

Hello, Readers! Today’s post is the third of seven daily posts that I am writing for the Problogger ‘Find Your Blogging Groove’ challenge. It’s meant to encourage bloggers to post more frequently and thoughtfully. Today, I am going to review an online shopping venue that I have fallen in love with.

If ever there was an equalizer among women, it’s the historically proven fact that we all HATE trying on and or buying swimsuits.  Just my biased opinion, but I’ve never understood why slimmer women balk at having to try on suits.  Traditionally, I think the market always attempted to serve them.

If you were a bit on the large size and assuming that manufacturers even bothered to make swimsuits in your size, you could expect the very worst. From garish animal prints made out of bullet-proof fabric to psychedelic paisleys confusing enough to make the most inebriated, sober, swimsuits for fluffy people leave a lot to be desired.

On occasion, you might find something acceptable in the plus sized stores located in your neighborhood mall, but that was because you literally had no other choice.  Besides, how can you have a proper vacation playing beach ball in a tank top and shorts?  Luckily, one company heard the choir of voices crying out in the wilderness and proceeded to not only answer those cries but to do it in such an impressive and stylish way.

Swimsuits For All is an online oasis for women who are looking to purchase swimsuits (one-piece as well as bikinis!  Hello?!), cover-ups, active wear and tankinis.  Their selection rivals any of the manufacturers who’ve idolized the smaller figure for decades, which is a good thing.  No longer must full figured women dress like a sad sack in order to enjoy the hotel swimming pool or larger bodies of water.

It’s refreshing to see that you can order your size with confidence that it will fit properly if you use their trusty sizing chart:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.35.32 PM

Here’s a brief sampling of the various styles that you can find in sizes 8 to 34:

Whatever your supposed challenges, Swimsuits for All seeks to address them via their fit solutions schema.  Design Fit can help you find swimsuits that: enhance the bust, minimize the bust, show off legs, hide hips, provide core slimming, or fit long torsos:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.11.01 PM
The fabrics are durable, fashionable and in conjunction with exceptional manufacturing, it is ideal for any woman. The fit is perfect, there are no cowboy crotches (no riding up), the bra cup was on point and I never felt odd or uncomfortable while wearing mine.

The prices are very competitive and they offer great discounts and frequent sales. The site is easy to navigate, the offerings are plentiful and the return policies are more than fair. Be sure to check out Retailmenot for online coupons that may be available for use at this store. I am a true believer in saving as much dough as I can.  If you have always wanted to find a fashionable, modern swimsuit (regardless of your size), give Swimsuits for All a chance, you won’t regret it.



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