The Newbie’s Guide to enduring long International Flights

The Newbie’s Guide to enduring long International Flights

Hello, Readers! Today’s post is the second of seven daily posts that I am writing for the Problogger ‘Find Your Blogging Groove’ challenge. It’s meant to encourage bloggers to post more frequently and thoughtfully. I am going to add a new installment to my Newbie’s Guide series and I hope that you find it helpful to you!

You did it!  You’ve just booked your first international trip and you are stoked!!  You’ve always dreamed of seeing _____ (insert your dream destination) and you now have to become acquainted with the fact that you will be traveling a fairly long distance.

How long you say?  Depending on where you plan to land, you can count on at least 8 hours of flight time.  That’s a long time to sit in a flying tin can, but fear not, I will give you some tips on how to get through the experience without losing your marbles.

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First, take care of some housekeeping issues before your trip

If you are not currently signed up for the Global Entry program, I would advise you to do so.  It will save you a major headache when traveling period, but especially internationally.  It will allow you to smoothly transition from customs to your gate during your departure and from customs to your destination upon arrival.

For a long flight, it’s worth paying a little extra to secure a seat that offers you extra leg room.  Did I mention that it’s a long flight?  Once you have ascertained which flight you will be booking, you should immediately go to Seat Guru to check out where is the best seat is on your flight.  Just key in the name of your airline, your flight number and your date of departure and a map of the seating for the entire plan will appear along with details on which seats are winners (that recline or are on exit rows) and which are duds (with non-reclining seats and close to restrooms – note: this may be a bonus if you have an active bladder).  This will allow you to select the best seat for your budget.  Tip: If you have long legs, you will prefer aisle seating.

Limit alcoholic beverages right before and during the flight

Too much alcohol will cause the body to become dehydrated which will interrupt sleep.  However, if you just can’t do without and you’ve overindulged at the airport bar, be sure to drink lots of water to offset its effects.

Don’t sleep before your flight!

Typically, International flights usually occur at night (aka ‘red eye flight’), so by the time you arrive at your destination, it will be early morning (their local time).  If you don’t take advantage of your long flight by taking a nap or a straight up, REM delicious nocturnal siesta, you are going to be in for a world of hurt!

I’ve noticed some people reading, talking, watching movies, etc. during the transport.  But I can tell you, sitting for eight plus hours is taxing on the body.  Use this time wisely and get some sleep.  I know some people who use sleep aids like melatonin or Ambien to help if they are just too wound up to let it happen naturally.  I’m not one to judge.  Do you.

Be sure to bring snacks to stave off hunger

Usually, you will be fed dinner and breakfast early the next morning during an overnight flight.  However, it never hurts to have something to nibble on in between meals.  If you like granola, raisins or prepackaged faves, bring them along in your purse or carry-on to keep your strength up.  You’re going to need it.

Be sure to get up and walk occasionally

Undoubtedly, nature will call at some point during the flight.  Use that opportunity to walk around the cabin, stretch (but do be careful not to injure your neighbor) those joints in order to prevent contracting DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).  DVT is when you develop a blood clot in your leg (usually) and if left untreated can travel to your lungs and essentially block the oxygen that leads to the heart which causes heart failure and can be fatal.

So, you can’t sleep.  What to do, Margaret, what to do?

I understand.  If this is your first overseas trip, you will understandably be amped up.  So, make sure that you bring a mp3 player with noise canceling headphones (to block out ambient noise), books or a kindle loaded with your favorite reads, a tablet to play games or watch movies on or keep you busy in other ways.  Whatever it takes to keep you busy, is what you should focus on.  Then, try to get some sleep!  Maybe a hearty meal will send you off to slumberland.

Be ready to hit the ground running as soon as you arrive

Otherwise, you are going to have to deal with the wrath of JET LAG!!  This means that your body’s clock is off because it has to adjust to a different time zone.   Daylight and mental stimulation will usually help you to conquer jet lag.  Resist the urge to go straight to your hotel room (assuming that you have made arrangements for early check-in) and crash, instead stay up as long as you can, see the sites and make an early night of it.  Your body will be ready to operate on local time by then.

By employing these simple tips, you will be ready to face your dream destination well rested and eager to dive into all of the cultural goodness that it has to offer.

Bon Chance!!

Experienced travelers…..what tips would you add to this list?  I would love to hear about them in the comments!



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