Take a Risk By Believing in Yourself

Take a Risk By Believing in Yourself

How Believing in Yourself Might be the Biggest Risk You Could Take

Recently, I’ve experienced a significant number of losses in a relatively short span of time. I guess it’s inevitable that such things would give anyone pause and start them on a journey of self-evaluation. It becomes clearer and much more magnified how fragile life truly is and it makes us rethink our choices, the people that we associate with, the things that we’ve put off in one way or another and without fail, the amount of needless bullshit that we’ve tolerated on an on-going basis.

life is short


It’s often thought that with age comes wisdom; that through surviving a vast number of experiences – both good and bad – that you become stronger as a result. However, once you throw in a myriad of variables, quite the opposite could happen. Years of conditioning – positive or negative – can either build or break down a person’s will and spirit. If the latter occurs, it could literally take years to find your way back to some equilibrium.


Usually, it takes a paradigm shift for true change to take place. I see it as the equivalent of the Universe physically shaking you out of your stupor. Or it may be as subtle as a gentle tap on the shoulder to stop you from sleepwalking through life. We, humans, are stubborn like that. It usually takes something massive to awaken us to change or the revelation that changes are not only desirable but necessary for our survival.

It shouldn’t require that. Each of us realizes what is and isn’t working in our lives. It shouldn’t take a loss to see the possibilities of what we could gain by putting forth the effort to claim all that life has to offer us during our preciously finite time here.


Your Wake Up Call

Let this be your wake-up call; your call to action. Every dream starts with a thought, but you have to have the will and desire to see it to fruition. Whatever your stumbling block, resolve to decimate it with a new-found strength and determination.

Resolve to quell the voices in your head – both real and imagined – that insist on trying to dissuade you from taking risks. Some of the most rewarding things that I’ve ever experienced in my life happened because I took crazy, improbable risks. I stepped out of my comfort zone and made phenomenal changes to my life that set me on a sure path to reaching those goals.


A Sense of Accomplishment When You Believe In Yourself

I developed a real sense of accomplishment because I believed in myself for that brief moment in time and followed through on those plans. Each success strengthened my belief in myself and what I was capable of.  I believed that something better than what I currently possessed was waiting for me. I just had to take a deep breath and say yes to the possibilities.

I am asking you to say “yes” to yours.



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