Enjoying a Rainy Day in Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver

Enjoying a Rainy Day in Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver

The rain brought with its silence and solitude as we walked along the massive pathways that guided us past a menagerie of trees, shrubs, and perennials.




It was the cusp of late winter dawning into early spring and the gardens took on an interesting profile.

The deciduous trees had long been bare and there was some evidence that flowers were awakening from their deep slumber. The sky was overcast and provided a gray backdrop to the illustrious palette that lay before us.



The quiet was unsettling. We were the only patrons that morning and we’d silently hoped that it would remain that way. There was a mystical quality that surrounds us and as crazy as it sounds we didn’t want it to end. We wanted to remain suspended in it for as long as we could.


Each turn or bend brought us to something more fascinating or compelling as the next. There was something captivating about the sparseness of the gardens. The skeletal homages to the beauty that would come in a matter of months; the pink vibrancy of a field of heather that bathed a nearby gazebo.


We came across a bank of black rocks that were softened by various plants disbursed throughout. We soon found ourselves following a trail that led us to a footbridge that overlooked a stream of brilliantly colored koi cascading through a forest of hosta and fern on either side.



As I stood in the center of Van Dusen Gardens taking in this scene that could only be described as a fairy tale, I felt a twinge of guilt.

Naturally, most people would visit a garden when it’s at its showcase best; when most plants are a panoramic bloom-fest each vying for the visitor’s attention. Yet, here I stood to take in a transformative process that few are fortunate enough to witness that ‘nature’s first green is gold”.


There are brief moments in our lifetime where we get to experience a calmness that envelopes our entire being. Where your body and soul are synergic with nature. It’s the best evidence that we are here because we are meant to be. It is our destiny. So do the unexpected, spend a rainy afternoon exploring the beauty of a botanical garden, you will be glad you did.







The VanDusen Botanical Garden is located at:
5251 Oak Street (37th & Oak St.)
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6M 4H1



Renee King
[email protected]
  • Adam Ross
    Posted at 10:48h, 11 June Reply

    Hi Renee, i feel like i really envy you guys enjoying the beauty of the nature at its silence. I love traveling myself too and most of all love to cherish nature as it is. I can tell that sometimes we have a sense of selfishness in us wanting to enjoy mother nature’s beauty alone. Like how i remembered one getaway i had about three years ago. We happen to enjoy a very magnificient waterfall and we had it all for ourselves for how many hours, that made me feel like i went back way back before civilation, before we had buildings, cars and noise everywhere and it felt wonderful..

    Thanks for this brilliant share.

    • Renee King
      Posted at 11:02h, 11 June Reply

      Hi Adam,

      I suppose there is a bit of selfishness in wanting to ‘stop the world and get off’. I think it’s human nature to want to stop and literally smell the roses….it’s like a bio-metric timeout for us humans….we need it to transport (momentarily) from the cares of the day. It’s quite possibly food for our souls.

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