A Review of Gatlinburg Falls Resort in Tennessee

A Review of Gatlinburg Falls Resort in Tennessee

I have always believed that you can find little-hidden treasures close to home. I think Gatlinburg Falls Resort is one such treasure. It is located approximately six miles from the little town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with only the Smoky Mountains National Park separating the two. We decided to take a long weekend break to visit Gatlinburg which is a little over a four-hour drive from Atlanta.

I hate to admit that I got lost the first time trying to find the resort. Once you pass the Park, you will come to the first traffic light in Gatlinburg. It is literally marked with the number “1”. You will need to turn left at that light. We had gotten to stoplight number 10 when we finally decided to call the resort for directions. Luckily, the lights are in close proximity, otherwise, I would have been upset.

Gatlinburg Falls

This is the entrance to the Conference Center which can be used for free. A public swimming pool is on site for guest use as well.

Once you make the left turn, keep driving up a steep hill until you get to the stop sign. Bear right at the stop sign and keep going until you see the resort on your left. I wish that they would install a sign indicating that you should turn left to get to them. However, there is a lot of sign porn going on, so you may miss it anyway.


The Welcome Center is where you come to check in. You will be given codes that will allow you to open your cabin’s front door via keyless entry.

We realized that we were early….very early. We left Atlanta around 5 am, so it was now 10ish. The front desk clerk was a little terse with us. He didn’t ask if he could help us. He said something like, “What can I do for you?” without looking at us. I told him that we had reservations for the Rainbow’s End cabin. He quickly offered that they only guarantee that rooms are ready by 4 pm and he didn’t think it was cleaned yet.

That wasn’t a problem for us. We knew we were super early, but we were a little tired and had crossed our fingers for an early check in. I sent an email three days prior to let them know that we would probably be arriving by noon, but I guess they couldn’t accommodate us. The fact that they weren’t ready for us was quite alright. I was a little put off by the disengaged attitude of the clerk who after checking his phone (their internet was down) verified that the room wasn’t ready.

Gatlinburg Falls

Taking a breather in the Welcome Center before having to hit the road again. Our room wasn’t quite ready yet.

He was ready to take my payment, however. I asked him to give me an estimate of when it would be ready; he repeated that it would be around 4. He said he could call me if it was ready before then. I gave him my number and started to leave. I didn’t know there was anyone else who’d come in behind me. THAT gentleman was greeted with a cheery, “Hello!” and was asked, “How may I help you?”. I took note that it was markedly different from the way that we were approached, so it wasn’t that the clerk wasn’t trained, it was telling that there was such a glaring difference.

We visited Gatlinburg and got back to the Welcome Center offices a little after 4 pm. He said, “Let me see if the cabin is ready”. I was thinking it’s after four, it should be! He confirmed that it was and again asked for payment. I told him that there was no payment that it was gratis; that I had been invited to stay. As if by magic, his tone changed and he suddenly became engaged and interested in us as guests.


I took a shot of the row of cabins to my left. Each cabin is poetically named, mine was Rainbow’s End. How could you not feel welcomed when you see that?

I purposely didn’t reveal why I was there in the beginning because I didn’t want to influence his true ‘service’ technique. I wanted him to treat me like any other paying customer. I know people’s eyes glaze over when you bring up the fact that not all humans are treated equally, but I can say that I FELT like I was treated with less concern than the other patron.

Other than that brief interlude, my stay was perfection. I can’t praise their cabins enough. Rainbow’s End was a two-bedroom respite with a huge eat-in kitchen on the left that sat eight and a spacious living room on the right as you entered the cabin. The kitchen had all the comforts of home: Dishes, pots, and pans, silverware, cooking utensils, cups….literally everything that you needed to cook sans the food.


Carisa waving hello as she searches for the dishes. “Psst….top left cabinet!”

There was a coffee maker, microwave, mixer, can opener, chef knives in addition to the dishwasher, stove, and fridge. All necessary chemicals and supplies were provided for the guest’s convenience.

On the right, the living room was outfitted with whimsical lodge type sleeper sofa, loveseat and chair with a large wooden storage chest standing in nicely as the cocktail table in the center. A 32” tv is anchored on the stone covered wall right over the electric fireplace with a DVD player encased below.


The living room was massive and the sofas were very comfortable; it was difficult to get up off of them.

One quick note about all of the furniture in the cabin; I have to say that it’s been years since I’ve seen such high quality, well-made furniture. It was definitely built to last for decades and is very kid-friendly.


Carisa checking her email using the resort’s free wi-fi service. She said that while there were some slow moments, she was able to do everything that she needed to do.

Right behind the living room is a full bath with an extended countertop. Again, all of the creature comforts like towels, washcloths, shampoo, soap, lotion, and conditioner are provided.


The master bathroom was much larger than I expected. Heck, it was larger than my own bathroom at home! A girl can get spoiled here.

Across from the bath was a closet that housed a stacked washer/dryer unit and an iron and ironing board. If you are planning a long getaway, this alone is worth the rent!

Connected to the bathroom is the first of two bedrooms in the unit. It has a king sized bed with a dresser, nightstand and tv ensconced on the wall right across from it. A small closet was in the back of the room and there was a beautiful balcony outside the master bedroom.


The Master bedroom had vaulted ceilings, a king-sized, firm bed and the ubiquitous pine notched walls that gave the room a cozy feel.


Opposite the king bed in the master bedroom was a chest of drawers, closet, and a small flat screen tv.


My balcony outside my bedroom was spacious and featured two Amish crafted rocking chairs and side table that beckoned me to sit and enjoy the view.

I stood outside the master bedroom to get a shot of the neighboring cabins and the nearby woodland.

I stood outside the master bedroom to get a shot of the neighboring cabins and the nearby woodland.

Right past the laundry room were the steps that lead you to the second bedroom with an ensuite bath. As you descend the staircase, you will see a game room with a table and two barstools surrounding it. There were two old fashioned, manual video game consoles (one of the consoles had eight pages of games!!) and an air hockey table. Right outside the bedroom was another queen sleeper sofa.


This is the second bedroom located on the lower level of the cabin. It was king sized too with an attached bath.


Carisa playing Ms. PacMan….she kept winning and I lost.

When the description said the cabin sleeps eight, they meant it! There is a second balcony outside the game room. This is where the hot tub (a necessity in the cabin community) is located and is a true blessing after a long day of sightseeing.


On the last day of our stay, the skies decided to open up and the clouds quickly descended upon Mount LeConte in the distance. The result was an ethereally haunting view from my balcony.


I was a guest of Gatlinburg Falls Resort and while my stay was complimentary, this review is my honest opinion of my stay there.

Gatlinburg Falls Resort 645 Park Vista Way Gatlinburg, TN  37738
Toll-Free:(866) 972-2246

To make a reservation, contact [email protected]

For more info, check out their website to view all cabin options at CabinsOfTheSmokyMountains.com

Gatlinburg Falls




Renee King
[email protected]
  • Gray
    Posted at 18:30h, 01 April Reply

    Wow, I really appreciate the honesty of this article, Renee. This looks like a nice place to “get away from it all”, but I’m not sure any place is nice enough for me to overlook the kind of service (or lack thereof) that you got.

  • Tracie
    Posted at 05:01h, 05 May Reply

    What a wonderful review of a wonderful place to visit, though I am sorry for the front desk reception you received. I’ve often thought of visiting the Gatlinburgh area and considered renting a cabin instead of a hotel. You’ve given me plenty to think about now. Loved your photos too.

  • Chuck Frankee
    Posted at 07:03h, 19 June Reply

    This certainly looks like an amazing place for a holiday and I like the stress on timber fittings. Only hope I can get there sometime soon!

  • Steff
    Posted at 11:01h, 04 July Reply

    wow! what a nice cabins!! I really love the view and woods! this blog is amazing! pleace keep blogging about these wonderfull places!! Thank you

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