My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

I had planned to participate in “Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival” this week. However, things have been crazy, so I’m very late. I will still link to and credit Tracy for her fabulous idea, though. The first topic is “Travel Etiquette Revisited: My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves.” As we all know, traveling is a mix of pleasure and pain. Forthwith are the things that pain me:

1. I didn’t know that I had this peeve until I read Dear Abby this morning:

DEAR ABBY: I am a frequent international traveler with a problem. I
always pack food for myself to take onboard. My trips are often 20
hours or longer and involve several planes. I find many people neglect
to pack any food and they wind up asking — or begging — me to give
them some of mine.  It’s very awkward for me.

On one flight, I overheard a woman tell her son, “Go ask that man for
some cookies,” and the kid did come over. How do I handle this? There
are times I have to spend five or seven hours in an airport after
midnight waiting for the next flight, and that food is my reserve. —

I always bring some kind of snack on board with me because I refuse to pay a ransom for the snacks that are sold onboard. I can’t even imagine someone sending their child to beg me for food! I’m not selfish, far from it….but why would anyone curve their mouths to utter those words? Surely, they must know how long a flight is and prepare accordingly. I think it all comes down to some people thinking that they are put on this earth to be served.

2. I first signed on to the internet in 1996, when I bought my high schooler her first computer. During that time, AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy and a couple of other services were available to a growing cadre of people wanting to explore the information superhighway. Well, it’s been nearly 20 years……there is no reason for any hotel or airport to not offer wi-fi….FREE wi-fi service. I think it’s common knowledge these days that there are millions of people who use the internet, so there is no excuse for it not to be as easily accessible as possible for as cheaply as possible.

3. This is a minor peeve, but I hate it when people block your shots when you are trying to take a clear picture of a famous landmark. It’s like they have their dream shot, why should they worry about you getting yours? Once you take your picture, be considerate and move aside. Please.

4. This isn’t as big a deal, but if I am walking down the street (looking at you, Las Vegas) stop harassing me with pamphlets and promises that your restaurant, show, casino, strip club, etc. is the best thing on the strip. I know where I want to go and I don’t need to be tracked down like it’s hunting season.

5. The last peeve is the airplane behavior of my fellow passengers. Bear with me because there are several things that bug me during this process.
• People who do not know what their boarding passes look like and they hold up the line.
• People who do not move out of the way when they reach their seat. If you have carry-on, go ahead and store it. You don’t have to contemplate the mysteries of life….just put your luggage away and allow others to get to their seat.
• People who will lean as far back into your lap as possible. Look, I get it. My legs are very long, but I realize that there is someone sitting behind me so I will be considerate. If this happens again, I may have to suddenly develop a cold.
• People who attempt to bring luggage that should have been checked in the first place and try to force it into an overhead bin that unfortunately for them, does not stretch.
• People who kick the back of seats….adults and children alike. Stop it.
• People who love the sound of their own voice and think you should love it too.
• People who won’t respect the fact that you are wearing noise canceling headphones and miss the subtle suggestion that you do not want to be bothered. Refer to description above.
• People who refuse to turn off their electronics or to put their tray up or to place their seat in the upright position after being told several times to do so.



Renee King
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  • Janice Temple
    Posted at 19:32h, 16 August Reply

    I think that the top the cake in the pet peeves list. Wow!

  • Peter Lee
    Posted at 09:00h, 23 August Reply

    Really loved your article Renne. Specially the fifth peeve where you have rightly described the people we usually meet while traveling. The expression is awesome.

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