America and Back……..The Restful Way

America and Back……..The Restful Way

This is a sponsored guest post from London’s Charlotte Kay with Holiday Extras

As someone who makes the trip over the pond a fair bit, I am not unfamiliar with jet lag. In fact, to tell the truth, it is the bane of traveling life. I love the trips, visiting people and all that, I don’t even mind the flights – comfy chair and loads of films…..what’s not to like? But every single time I go I am struck by jet lag and it leaves me grumpy and exhausted.

When I get back people always think I’ve had a rubbish time just because the lag has taken hold and I’m too tired to be bothered to share the fun I had. Luckily, a friend with whom I travel with quite a lot has caught onto a genius idea. It’s really very simple but that’s the beauty of it. It works on the premise of taking jetlag’s nemesis, regular sleep and deploying it liberally on everyone who flies.


What we’ve started doing is booking into one of the hotels at Heathrow for the night before and after we fly. We have a night before we fly to begin adjusting to the time difference and when we get back we can sleep off our residual drowsiness before resuming a normal life.

It’s amazing how well it works and what’s more everybody loves a night in a hotel, all the ones we’ve stayed in near Heathrow like the Arora International Heathrow have been awesome and they’re not very expensive either. We tend to have a sizable amount of luggage so we always drive but with all the Heathrow parking packages on offer we even get a really good deal on a secure place to leave the car.

Our discovery has changed the way I look at flying over to America. It’s no longer a fantastic trip slightly tainted by the effects of jet lag. Now it’s just awesome and I wish I could do it more. Unfortunately, flights to the US aren’t exactly cheap and when you’re on a tight budget like I am you certainly can’t get over there as often as you like – although perhaps that makes it even better.



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