How To Efficiently Archive Treasured Photos

How To Efficiently Archive Treasured Photos

Treasured Photos

You’ve just begun to reminiscence about the trip that you took to Paris ten years ago, so you reach for your old photo album and before you can say Voila!, the photos begin to fall aimlessly to the floor.  You reach down and attempt to remember in what order each picture was arranged, but even if you could, the yellowing plastic from the now de-magnetized album has seen better days.

So, how do you keep all of your memories from becoming a jumbled mess? Photo Books! This updated version of the scrapbook is quickly becoming the archival method of choice for those seeking to protect and preserve precious memories.

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Photo Books!

Creating one is as simple as collecting all of your digital photos, uploading them to an online print shop, arranging them in a manner you desire and choosing various backgrounds, layouts, and font colors to design your book. Once you have completed your book, the online print shop will print them on quality photo paper, bind and then ship the finished product back to you.

Photo books can be used for practically any occasion, not just as a way to show off your latest travel pics.   Whether you want to commemorate a child’s birth, a graduation, anniversary or simply send it as a gift for doting grandparents, you can’t go wrong.

Many online printers like, Snapfish, Kodak or Artscow offer various deals on photo books but my favorite is Shutterfly. Their user interface is simple, self-directed and offers more options than the others at a price that is more than comparable.

Another great thing is that your storage space is unlimited and pictures are never deleted.  Prices for a 20-page book starts at $12.99 and there is a nominal charge for each additional page which can accommodate up to 16 pictures per page.    Here’s a sample photo book that my daughter, Carisa created that highlighted several trips that we wanted to keep forever etched in our memories.  What do you think?  How do you preserve your photographic treasures for the future?

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