Things to do While Sitting Alone in a Bistro in Paris

Things to do While Sitting Alone in a Bistro in Paris

A Bistro in Paris

It seems silly. Why would anyone choose to spend their time this way in what is arguably the most romantic city in the world? Shouldn’t you be walking along the Seine on Pont Neuf hand in hand with your beloved?

Or surely noshing on Almond Crème Brulee at Le Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower while looking at the world below would be more appealing? Perhaps a little retail therapy at Les Galleries Lafayette or Printemps would be a more productive use of your time?

Undeniably, those are must-dos in Paris, the city of light, but there is something else that is inextricably linked to the Parisian experience: People-watching at the local café. It is as well-known and time-honored tradition as ordering the requisite steaming hot café au lait and crunchy beignets.




To a tourist, especially, there’s something so authentic about watching Parisians go about their busy daily lives. They are happily oblivious to our admiring glances and perhaps wishful thinking on our part, that we can live for one moment in their stylish shoes.

We notice their graceful gaits, their impeccable fashion sense and that ACCENT….a sensually mesmerizing experience that was created solely for the purpose of whispering sweet nothings into the ear of one’s lover. Yes, that’s what keeps us firmly ensconced in our too small bistro chairs……..surveying the Parisian in their natural habitat. Vive la France!



Renee King
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  • Escapist
    Posted at 04:29h, 11 January Reply

    Did you know, they say the word “bistro” is actually of Russian origin? It is supposed to derive from the Russian “bystro” (meaning: “fast”).
    There are several other theories, some French linguists don’t agree with this theory…

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