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Sailing The High Seas On A Freighter?? | Freight Cruising

March 24, 2010 • By

Have you ever looked at a freight ship and wondered at what faraway port they would eventually dock?  Or thought about how they could possibly carry enough freight to fill such a large vessel?  Well, quite often than not, they have additional space on board for those who enjoy cruising at long intervals.

Freight Cruising

Freight cruising is a little known way of transport for people who either do not like to fly, have a penchant for cruising for long stretches of time or have a fantasy of sailing the high seas in general.  This type of passenger has had enough of the crowds and who just wants to walk outside of their cabin, grab a deck chair and watch the sunset for a quiet respite.  Rumor also has it that some celebrities find this to be the ideal venue for protecting their privacy.

There are several booking agents that will arrange passage to world destinations like Scandinavia, South America, South Pacific, India, The Far East, New Zealand Australia, Northern Europe and The Mediterranean to such travelers.  One of the most revered is Freight Travel Club International.

Here are some FAQ’s you may want to keep in mind when planning such a venture: