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The 12 Of The Best Free Apps That Will Make Traveling a Breeze!

February 27, 2011 • By

Before I purchased my Ipod Touch last month, I couldn’t give two hoots and a holler about apps.  I saw it as just another way to waste time and for someone to separate you from your money.  Now….I see the error of my ways.  It’s my new addiction and I don’t need no cure!  Seriously, you could literally find yourself sliding your fingers back and forth over a rectangular piece of glass for hours on end and somehow manage to not get committed! There’s something for everyone….even for morons.  There are a whole host of applications for every possible situation, especially for travelers.  After doing a littl…erm…a lot of research, I have picked twelve must haves if you are serious about traveling and staying organized and entertained and won’t cost a cent.

1) PageOnce Trip Tracker is a neat app that allows you to record all of your frequent flier program account information securely in one place.  Once that’s done, it will automagically import all of your flight information to your Ipod touch or Iphone automatically.  It’s a great way to keep tabs on any frequent flier miles that’s earned because you will be notified via email when you do.  I’m pretty bad at keeping up with stuff like that, so this is a treasure.  Also, it keeps track of any hotel or car rental reservations that you have booked during the trip.

Best Free Apps

2)  Pulse News Mini captures a montage of some of your favorite websites.  You can literally view several news sites, entertainment sites, sports sites….all at once.  Once you tap on an article, it will pop up and allow you to read it.  You can share said article via email or social media.  It also allows you to sync stories offline, so you will never be without your latest news stories.  It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or late and best yet, is free!