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A Review of the Best Western Plus’ The Lodge at Jackson Hole

December 18, 2011 • By

Themes.  I love the idea of indulging in whatever a particular region is best known for.  When I was offered the opportunity to be the guest of the Best Western Plus’ The Lodge at Jackson Hole, images of dense forest, roaming deer and pristine lakes flowing over jagged rocks popped into my head.

I was certainly getting used to the idea of how great the Best Western brand was turning out to be after my sweet revelation in Sedona, Arizona.

One common theme regarding the buildings in Jackson Hole was that they were mostly timbered facades of varying shades of the seven colors each were limited to.  The city proper is rather densely populated with businesses meant to attract tourists, so nothing is too far out of reach to walk or take a short drive to.  So, I was surprised it was so easy to find the Lodge even though it was slightly hidden off the main drag.READ MORE