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A Pictorial Diary Of My Love Affair With Prague Czech Republic

September 14, 2010 • By

I managed to leave enough of my heart in Prague which would necessitate my going back someday to reclaim it.  It was only my third time in Europe, so I had already been tempted and seduced by the wily and comely offerings of Paris and Rome.  Prague promised not only to court my senses to sublime ecstasy, but to ensure that I would fall hopelessly in love with it.  So who was I to refuse?

Prague proved to be an enchanting city that takes pride in restoring and maintaining its historical churches, synagogues, castles, chateaus and landmarks.  I’ve often thought that the ‘new world’ could take a page or two from our older brethren when it came to honoring and revering history.  At the same time, Prague welcomes the changing faces of the ages.  Somehow, modernity could never eclipse the old world architecture that makes the city one of the rarest jewels in the European Union.

Like most cosmopolitan cities, Prague is comprised of several neighborhoods.  Each one has its own delectable flavor that offers the visitor its unique perspective of the city.  One of the surprising things about Prague is that it is very pedestrian friendly, we thought that we would spend a lot of time either on the subway or in a taxi, but you can easily get around the city center by foot.  The more commercial areas, that is, the ones most frequented by tourists are:

The Jewish Quarter – Josefov

Prague Czech Republic

Taking a leisurely walk across the street from The Pinkas Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter

Prague Czech Republic

Built in the late 19th century, The Rudolfinum served as the seat of Czechoslovakian parliament between WWI & II and is now home to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra