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Souvenirs – A Visual Roadmap of Your Vacation

August 7, 2009 • By

When I travel, I am a firm believer of collecting souvenirs of my journey along the way and it doesn’t matter if you were in an exotic locale or backpacking in Yellowstone Park.  It’s my way of recalling what made the trip special in the first place.

The only caveat is that the souvenir doesn’t have to be extravagant, just special to you. It should allow you to reminisce about the things you did, the people you saw and the way that part of the globe made you feel.

Of course, the most obvious is digital pictures or videos taken by your camcorders. That is the surest way to capture special moments that you can store lovingly in a menagerie of colorful photo albums or archive in your video library. If you bring nothing else on your trip, this is a must in order to collect souvenirs.