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The Spendthrifts Guide to Traveling on the Cheap – Tip # 2

November 12, 2009 • By

The Spendthrifts Guide Tip Two |

The Spendthrifts Guide to Traveling on the Cheap

Start Saving Money Whenever and However, You Can!

It is never too early to start saving for your trip. As soon as you think that there may be a possibility of your leaving town, you need to set the wheels into motion that will assure that you will have enough discretionary income squirreled away to ensure that you will have a fabulous time.

Re-evaluate How You View Money in General.

Are you fast and loose with a dollar or are you in the habit of questioning the necessity of a purchase BEFORE you buy it?  I think developing a frugal nature in your everyday life helps to pave the way for more traveling in general.   That is where it all begins, if you learn how to value every dollar that you’ve earned, you will see your savings account grow exponentially.  Give up that daily visit to Starbucks, start making your lunch and take it to work or learn to start shopping in discount stores instead of the high priced ones.   These are good habits to develop in general, not just if you are trying to learn how to save for a vacation.READ MORE