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Romantic Castles of the Loire Valley

January 10, 2009 • By


The Romantic Castles of the Loire Valley

Have you ever wanted to visit a romantic, centuries-old castle in France? There’s something very ethereal about taking a walk back in time when life was both simpler and yet more difficult than today. In an age of technology where instant communication can be commanded at the tip of one’s fingertip, it’s a curious notion to suddenly find yourself transported to a period where the most advanced invention is crudely archaic by today’s standards.

Yet, so many things from those times stand to this day. There are a true appreciation and a dedication to the preservation of historical structures in Europe in particular and the Loire Valley specifically. A visit to central France provides numerous opportunities to experience the Gothic and Renaissance architectural monuments and historical significance of chateaus or castles.

Imagine. You are walking down the path to history where royal knights once traversed along these ancient cobblestones to reunite with their beloved as they announced victory over their enemies. Parading down the throughway across the moat, you can see the resplendent palace of Kings and Queens of times past dominating the landscape.

As you stroll past the prominent coat of arms in the entrance way as you enter their lavish manor, you can almost feel their presence lingering. You are drawn into the cavernous quarters sheltered by kaleidoscopic frescoes framed by a massive stone fireplace between two mammoth floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that reveal a breath-taking view of the rolling, emerald green countryside.READ MORE