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Foodtography | How To Leave Their Mouths Watering For More

February 9, 2010 • By


Sometimes, if a friend is planning to visit a city that I’ve already been to, they will ask me to recommend places where they can eat. I don’t necessarily see myself as a “Foodie” expert, but I do believe that sampling whatever that particular region is best known for is an integral part of the traveler’s experience. My palate isn’t on the exotic side, but my daughter, Carisa and I, were open enough to munch on an octopus’s tentacle once. Suffice it to say that we have absolutely no interest in biting into what is the equivalent of steel belted radials again!

When you are traveling, it’s exciting to record your day to day activities, adding food pics to your photo collection brings your culinary experience to life and will allow others to appreciate those gastronomical delights through at least one of their five senses. So, whenever you are out on the town and about to dig into the delectable meal that’s just been placed in front of you, pull out the old digital and take a clearly focused picture of it. If the lighting is less than desirable, you can always edit the photo in any photo editing program. You will be glad you did because the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be truer!

While the food will be the star of the show, I like to take pictures of the restaurant’s surroundings to further create the ambiance of that night. This is all the more important if the restaurant is unique or stands out in some way. Be sure to keep your receipts in the event you forget the name of the dish in question then you can easily write a short blurb about it if you decide to post it online. As a travel blogger, I find that I require quite a bit of storage to house my travel pics in general, so I’ve invested in Flickr Pro photo storage which costs 24.99 per year which I think is very worth it. You’d be surprised at how often food pics garner more attention than the landmarks!  UPDATE!  Flickr now offers 1TB of storage for free.  As of 01/12/17, I have 32,569 photos in my Flickr account which is only 8.2% of my 1TB allotment!!!READ MORE