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My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves

August 15, 2012 • By

I had planned to participate in “Traveling Brown Girls Blog Carnival” this week. However, things have been crazy, so I’m very late. I will still link to and credit Tracy for her fabulous idea though. The first topic is “Travel Etiquette Revisited: My Top 5 Travel Pet Peeves.” As we all know, traveling is a mix of pleasure and pain. Forthwith are the things that pain me:

1. I didn’t know that I had this peeve until I read Dear Abby this morning:

DEAR ABBY: I am a frequent international traveler with a problem. I
always pack food for myself to take onboard. My trips are often 20
hours or longer and involve several planes. I find many people neglect
to pack any food and they wind up asking — or begging — me to give
them some of mine. It’s very awkward for me.

On one flight, I overheard a woman tell her son, “Go ask that man for
some cookies,” and the kid did come over. How do I handle this? There
are times I have to spend five or seven hours in an airport after
midnight waiting for the next flight, and that food is my reserve. —