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My Garden Is Like A Path To My Soul

July 7, 2012 • By

This is day 7 of the July 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge! Today’s post is a fun post about one of my most treasured pastimes, GARDENING!!!  Can’t you tell that I’m excited?? When I found this house after outgrowing my townhouse, I knew that this would be the house that I could pass along to those who came after me…that it could be a legacy. This was especially important to me since I felt that I needed a real place to call home; a homestead whose beauty could live long after I’ve left the earth. I have lived here since 2001 and my garden has undergone so many changes, mostly because I am never satisfied and I can always see room for improvement. Today, I wanted to share my ever changing journey of my haven, my garden.

I’ve always believed that my home was my haven away from the craziness of my job, the city and life in general. It is my refuge where I can find peace and solitude and beauty in wooded landscape that surrounds me here. Growing up, I detested gardening….mostly, because it was a chore that I was expected to help out with. Like most children, things that I must do eventually transformed into things that I hated. For years, I viewed rose bushes with disdain because they often used my skin as etch-a-sketch pads as I attempted to tame them with pruning shears. Hydrangeas were always sickly because they never really got along with the sun despite my mother’s attempt to get them to see things her way.READ MORE