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The Inspired Traveler # 13 – Laurel Robbins

May 20, 2011 • By

Today, we continue our series where we sit down to interview fellow Travel Bloggers and get them to give up some of their best travel tips for you, dear reader. Next up, we get to discuss the wonders of travel with Laurel Robbins, who runs the popular travel blog, Ex-pat in Germany.

Laurel after a dive with hundreds of hammerhead sharks at Darwin’s Arch in the Galapagos.

1. What is it about traveling that makes you smile?

I love meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and discovering new places and landscapes. I also love seeing wildlife in their natural surroundings and learning where and how to spot local wildlife. All of these aspects of travel make me smile.

2.  What is your favorite place in the world?

This is a tough one, but I love the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. I didn’t know much about them before my volunteer trip and I had no idea that besides the main islands, there are hundreds of small uninhabited islands. Besides the people on our boat we only saw a handful of other people in ten days. I loved the remoteness and peacefulness of it. Laos, Guatemala, Cocos Island off the coast of Costa Rica, Galapagos and the Canadian Rockies are also some of my favourite places in the world.

3.  What place would have to pay you to come back and even then you’d have to think about it?READ MORE