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My Top 10 Pet Peeves

July 27, 2012 • By

Ok, I’m behind again! This is day 27 of the UBC! I decided to offer another list….of my top pet peeves! Everyone has them…you know…the little day to day issues that bug the heck outta you. There’s often little you can do about it, so you vent!! Today, I’m venting….

* This is probably a regional thing because lord knows, the south is rampant with this problem. People who burn leaves and trash and pollute the neighborhood.   Apparently, their olfactory nerves are shot and they don’t realize how offensive the smell is.   Meanwhile, we (the neighbors) have to seek refuge in our homes like we are trying to escape the next application of agent orange. Moreover, why hasn’t our local government banned that activity?

* People who will walk right past you at work as if you were invisible.   They will not look at you or speak to you.   This is especially crazy-making after you’ve said a warm and bubbly “Good Morning’ and they say nothing, not a smile, not a peep.  Maybe it’s the southern girl in me, but I think that’s just rude!

* People who will tell all of their business in front of a throng of strangers. I think they believe that speaking into a cell phone deafens the rest of us.READ MORE