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Songs For The Road

July 21, 2012 • By

Ultimate Challenge Day 21!! Today’s post is a challenge from my friend, Cathy Sweeney. It’s a musical challenge….list the songs that you would listen to on a road trip. These are my picks.


Cathy Sweeney of Traveling with Sweeney invited me to take up the challenge of sharing my travel soundtrack (or rather- my songs for the road). As a child of the 70s, most of the songs that have affected, changed and molded me into the person that I am today is from that decade. So, it is fitting that I list the songs that I played over and over again on my black and white state of the art, portable record player until my parents threatened to break the arm of the phonograph if I didn’t keep the noise down.

Parents just don’t understand. Indeed! My selections are great songs to listen to as you trek down country roads watching nature, animals and the pleasure in knowing that you are heading toward something new and wonderfully different and you had these wonderful tunes to keep you company.READ MORE