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The Inspired Traveler # 16 – Lynda Galea

June 10, 2011 • By

Today, we continue our series where we sit down to interview fellow Travel Bloggers and get them to give up some of their best travel tips for you, dear reader. Next up, we will meet the vivacious Lynda Galea who is the founder of Live.Travel.Blog.


1.  What is it about traveling that makes you smile?The  sense of freedom and independence when traveling is what gets a smile  on my dial. When I’m traveling, I feel like I can be whoever I want to  be without a worry in the world! Oh, and possibly the thought of not  having to wake up at 6:20am every morning to get the train into work…  that’s a pretty darn good feeling!

2.  What is your favorite place in the world?

Tough  question – I mean, there were so many cities throughout Europe that I  loved but when push comes to shove, I’m going to have to say the USA,  more specifically, Orlando, Florida. I spent 14 months of my life  interning at Disney World in 2009-2010 and just fell in love with it all  – the lifestyle, the people, the friends, my job! There is not a single  day that goes by where I do not think about my time there and how I’d  give anything to move back!

3.  What place would have to pay you to come back and even then you’d have to think about it?

Albania…  Lets just say I had a not so great hole-in-the-ground bathroom  encounter in the middle of no where off a beaten track in 45 degree  Celsius heat. Gross.READ MORE