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Don’t Worry, Justin Bieber…..They Love You in Santiago, Too

May 20, 2012 • By

We began to notice the crowd of parochial students as they assembled at the crosswalk

They started marching past us at approximately 4 pm.  I thought that my movements were quick and not easily detected, but I had been found out.  She spun on her heels and walked toward us as we attempted to look less conspicuous and started mindlessly snapping pictures feigning ignorance to the fact that she was about to approach us.

“Are you American?” she asked in broken english.  “Why……um…… yes, we are?”  I sputtered; somewhat embarrassed, somewhat intrigued.  Her face slowly began to prepare for one of the biggest smiles I’d ever seen.  “I LOVE Americans!!”,  she exclaimed.  “Do you know Justin Bieber?” , she asked excitedly.   I smiled instantly knowing that teenage girls were simply teenage girls whether they lived in the states or in metropolitan areas like the city of Santiago, Chile, where we presently stood.READ MORE