Our Golden Anniversary

July 6, 2012 • By

WARNING: This post has music, so please scroll to the bottom to mute if this will cause problems! lol This is day 6 of the July 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge! Today’s post is a tribute to the power of romantic love. It’s the kind of love that spans decades and carries you through the highs and lows of life but stays steadfast, like the love that my parents shared. For some, true love only comes once, for others it lasts a lifetime. If we’re lucky, we get both.


He cradled her delicate hand into his and leaned in to whisper as he kissed it, “I told you if you stick with me, I’d take you places”, he grinned. Her bright eyes looked up at him as she smiled that effervescent smile that had always melted his heart. “You haven’t broken a promise yet.”, she said wistfully. Their old house, which welcomed the young lovers to a new life of domestic tranquility a half a century ago, bore witness to every joy that they experienced and today was no different. It was full of the laughter of young and old, the chatter of long estranged relatives recalling old times, the singing of an impromptu do-wop quartet trying to best one another on a Temptations song and the distant sound of children playing double dutch outside.READ MORE