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Travel Photo Thursday | My Rose Garden

January 27, 2011 • By
Rose Garden

Falstaff Rose

Rose Garden

Salsa rose

Rose Garden

Simply Marvelous rose

Rose Garden

Iceberg rose

Rose Garden

New Dawn rose

Rose Garden

Tuscan Sun rose

Rose Garden

Christopher Marlowe rose

This time around, I chose something a little closer to home and to my heart.  My rose garden….well, some of it….I have 32 roses in my one acre yard and I may be forced to add to my collection if I can find the time.    These pics are the first year’s blooms, after that I was hooked.  I just gave them a nice pruning  last week and will feed them alfalfa pellets right before the next rain.  I suppose in some small way, there is an international connection to this week’s photo because my dream is to have an English Cottage garden.

It’s nice to know that I will have this to look forward to after the cold chills of winter subsides.  I can just imagine sitting on my front porch, drinking sweet tea and inhaling the sweet bouquet emanating from the rose garden.  The  morning dew will be just evaporating and the sun will still be kind.  But don’t worry.  I’ve placed another rocking chair right next to me.  Have a seat!

City Views, Travel Advice

Travel Photo Thursday | Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

December 30, 2010 • By

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

One of the special delights of traveling is that you find yourself in extraordinary and unexpected circumstances.  We decided to spend a little time in Miami before boarding our cruise ship the next day.  As an avid gardener and a fan of architecture, I thought a visit to the National historic landmark, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens would be the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

As we ventured through the gardens, we were surprised to see a sudden flash of candy cotton pink fabric wafting through the courtyard.  For some reason, we were drawn to it since it seemed so perfectly out of place in the gardens.READ MORE