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Where I am likely to vacation (i.e., run for my dear, sweet life) when the Zombie Apocalypse finally hits

April 8, 2013 • By

I decided to write about something a little different (and fun!) today. Perhaps, I am going through withdrawal symptoms given that The Walking Dead is on hiatus until October 14th and this allows me to work through my pain.

Say what you will, this Zombie Apocalypse thing has people talking and to some degree, I think some are looking forward to the possibility of it happening.  So I decided to run with the idea.  What would I do, should such an unspeakable horror occur?  Keep reading to find out.

zombie1 zombie2 zombie3 zombie4

Hey,buddy! I don’t think you get a say in that.

To the untrained eye, it seemed like the Canadian Provincial government had their priorities straight.    However, closer examination yields that like most governments, they have broken their promise.  Small wonder that Governments rarely survive such a catastrophe!  Which one you ask?  The Zombie Apocalypse which could totally happen, by the way! Ask the CDC!

I think there’s a great possibility that people could wake up one day with a thirst for someone else’s flesh and brain matter. Before you laugh, have you seen the way our own (American) Congress has been acting up lately?  Scary, huh?   Or………. I could be watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead.   So, there’s that.

It’s strange that no one has been able to explain why people would start feeding on one another.   I am going to have to take a guess at what may have happened and say it was an environmental disaster (or maybe sabotage?) that rendered the populace into zombies and spared a select few.  Naturally the assumption is that I will be amongst the latter or this exercise is a complete waste of our time.READ MORE