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When Carving Your Path In Life, Make Sure That You’re The Sculptor

May 1, 2013 • By


Everybody has a story.  Each story is a mix of varying parts of happiness, sadness, hope and regret.  It’s rare to find anyone who is completely happy with their lot in life, but the smart ones know that complaining never helps nor does it make anything better.  If they are dissatisfied with the path they’re on, they’ll strive to make changes that will take them on a different route. But some folks worry about what others might say in response to the new attitude that seems counter the way that they’ve always known them to be.

For the same reason that pencils have erasers, you can decide to change anything about your life that doesn’t mesh with the person that you presently see yourself as…..or even want to be. Even though a pencil can erase, you can still see the vestiges of what was underneath.

It doesn’t negate what has gone on before; it just allows you to move beyond it….to clean the slate… redirect your path.  You can change the storyline; remembering that just because it happened doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a rewrite.READ MORE

Inspiration, Lifestyle

Whatever Their Motive, Never Let Anyone Steal Your Joy Of Traveling

August 4, 2012 • By


Something interesting happened within the confines of a majority black travel forum that I’m a member of.  One of the members shared how her boss’ countenance changed when he overheard where she would be going on vacation.   She regretted that he had heard the exchange almost immediately.   As a result, she posed this question to the group: “Do you tell your employer  or coworkers where you are going or just that you are talking said day off?”

I was a little surprised by the avalanche of responses that not only said “No” but were adamant about it. The commentary ranged from:

“It’s none of their business”

“My boss is jealous that I can do what he can’t do at his salary to “I don’t hide my travels but I don’t go out of my way to share”

“My boss knows how much I make so he’s going to try to figure out how I can afford a vacation outside the country”

“I rarely tell them”

“When I was in corporate America, I wouldn’t tell anyone”

“Not anymore, people think I’m made of money when they hear about it and like to make snide remarks”