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Navigating Oahu’s Circle Island Tour

November 25, 2009 • By

Circle Island Tour

There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Honolulu that it is almost impossible to know where to start.   I believe the best way to see the Hawaiian Island of Oahu is by driving a self-directed route around the island’s perimeter.  This 119 mile, one day tour will allow you to hit all of the crucial spots and will give you insight as to what areas to further examine on another day.

Along the way, you will be treated to an assortment of shrimp trucks were you can nosh on seafood to your heart’s content, slurp on one of the delicious shaved ice concoction that can be found dotting the highway and you must stop at the Macadamia nut farm to sample the tasty treats that put them on the map.

Please note that there are plenty of tour companies that would be happy to take your family (and your cash; a family of four can expect to spend around $200.00 US) on such a tour, but hold onto your wallet.  If you can drive, you can easily navigate this delightful sightseeing tour.