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Hanging with the Cabbage Patch Kids at Babyland General!

April 17, 2011 • By

Lullabye and goodnight…….

Last month, I took a trip back to my daughter’s childhood. We were on our way to Helen, GA but had to pass through Cleveland to get there, which automatically meant that we would be stopping there as well. What’s so special about Cleveland? It’s the Home of the Original Appalachian Artworks or the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Remember those? We may not hear about them as much nowadays,but trust me, they are still very much loved. I’d wanted to get one for my daughter when they were first introduced, but was somewhat turned off when I witnessed grown women fighting one another in the stores to get one.

I didn’t quite understand that one. The company had licensed the toy manufacturer, Coleco, to mass produce them so quantity shouldn’t have been an issue.READ MORE