What Irks Me About Traveling

May 2, 2012 • By

travelingToday, I realized that I am somewhat of a strange bird. I love to travel, but there are limits to that infatuation that I’d not considered. I love all the things that make traveling special. I love knowing that when I finally reach my destination, there will be merriment and joviality not far behind. However, I detest the act of traveling….not necessarily, the packing, research or any of the precursors of getting to your destination. It is the act of fighting through local traffic in a desperate attempt to put as many miles between you and your home base as possible. Or standing in long lines during check in as punishment for being unable to have reached some fancy tier on an airline’s FF program.

I hate going through TSA checkpoints and dealing with the various attitudes and platitudes being served up at nearly every airport that you must pass through. I hate having to answer questions that will put the questioner’s mind to rest that I don’t plan to commandeer the airplane as soon as it takes off. I hate having to deal with rude passengers and increasingly ruder airline personnel before, during and sometimes after the flight. It’s all a hassle…..but as soon as I have made my way to ground transportation after waiting what seems like an eternity for my battle-scarred luggage to make its way to me on the carousel, I feel renewed.READ MORE