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How to Propagate Hydrangeas

May 18, 2015 • By

What’s not to like about this beautiful blue and white, variegated leafed, lace-cap hydrangea?

6 Easy Steps to Propagate Hydrangeas

I used to hate hydrangeas.  And roses.  But, let’s stick with hydrangeas for now because I hated them for the same reason.  My mother had so many that I became immune to their beauty.  They shared equal billing with kudzu and weeds, something else that we had a lot of.  Like many kids, I hadn’t yet developed an appreciation for all that they were.  Luckily, I grew out of my aversion to them and now welcome them gladly into my life and more specifically, my garden.

I have almost every variety too!  From lacecaps, mopheads, oakleaf to peegees, most are somewhere in my garden.  Whenever I troll the local garden centers, I am mysteriously led to the aisle where these lovelies can be found.  As you can imagine over time, it gets expensive.  So, I decided to ask my friend, Sharon, how she manages to have so many in her garden without going broke.

She gave me a really simple explanation on how to propagate hydrangeas so that they keep giving back.  I had my doubts because while I love to garden, I’ve pretty much stuck with digging a hole and planting a bulb or perennial in said hole.  My garden limitations were propagation and planting seeds.  I had managed to maneuver my way around not having to know how to do either until I decided, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”.READ MORE

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The Budget Traveler’s Guide To The Luxe Life

July 17, 2010 • By
 Budget Traveler’s Guide

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There has been a phenomenal development in the online discount couponing business in the past year or so. Borrowing from the wholesale merchandising concept of big box retailers like Sam’s or Costco membership clubs, online retailers have embraced the idea of selling items to the masses via a clearinghouse at a phenomenal discount.

Ok, so how does this benefit me?

Aggregators like Groupon, Tippr, Half Off Depot, Scout Mob, Living Social and
KGB Deals will contract with area businesses such as beauty salons, dentists, lawn service companies, local restaurants, spas, retail shops, city events, bars, theaters, etc. to offer buyers an exceptional deal on their product or service. The benefits for the retailer are two-fold: It introduces new clientele to their businesses and since many coupons are issued, the chances are very good that the retailer will more than recoup their investment.

 Budget Traveler’s Guide

Each aggregator site has different rules, so make sure to read the fine print of each. The benefit to you is that you get to see what your city really has to offer at crazy discounts. Besides, how many times have you said that you were bored because there’s nothing to do?

 Budget Traveler’s Guide

Hmmm….tell me more!

Deals are posted daily but are not officially “on” until a certain number of the gift certificates are sold. The buyer becomes incentivized to invite their friends to purchase the deal so that the deal will go live, which is a direct benefit to the retailer. Once that threshold is reached, the countdown begins. On some sites, only a certain number are sold within a given time period. On others, you are given several days to pull the trigger. Usually, the site will have a countdown clock letting you know exactly when the deal ends.

 Budget Traveler’s Guide

Be sure to sign up for their daily deals email so that you will be notified about all of the deals in your geographic area. If you happen to be traveling, check to see if either site has a division for your destination. It never hurts to see how the other half lives….take this opportunity to participate in activities that you normally wouldn’t or visit restaurants that ordinarily would be too expensive for someone who often only finds lint in their pockets instead of coins. These coupon deals can be your entre into the ‘good life’….well, at least until they expire. Bon Chance!!

 Budget Traveler’s Guide

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