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20 Top Tips for Planning a Dirt Cheap Vacation

June 30, 2015 • By


Helpful Tips for Planning Your Next Vacation

 Plan ahead!

* The sooner that you decide where you want to go on vacation, the more likely you are to realize your best deals. Visit travel oriented websites like Frommers, Fodors, Virtual Tourist, Lonely Planet and Rick Steves among others to get solid ideas of where you would like to travel. Once that has been established, start looking for airfare and hotel deals to the destination.

* Consider the possibility of getting a package deal which consists of air, hotel and some taxes and junk fees. It’s a kind of one stop shopping where you often realize discounts by purchasing them together.  Also, if you are going with a partner, you may find that this is the most economical way to travel because single travelers are often hit with a supplemental fee to offset the lost revenue that a couple would bring.


You may find that it is cheaper to book a package deal where you pay for a visit to two or more cities, round trip air, hotel, attraction tickets and train fare b/t cities for one low (or at least reasonable) price. There are several reputable online travel agencies that have exceptional vacation package deals like Go Today, Gate 1 Travel and Nordique Tours, among others.

* The further out you plan your itinerary, the more lead-time you will have to locate deals, especially during your destination’s “off-season”. While there are last minute deals to be had via sites like Travelocity, it’s prudent to take a proactive approach and plan early. Once, I missed a great fare deal to Paris because I took to long to decide if I really wanted to go; when I finally decided the fare was long gone, which meant that I had missed an opportunity to save a lot of money because I was not decisive.

* Be flexible about your travel dates for your vacation, fare amounts can be extremely volatile and change radically from one week to even one day to the next. If you can save hundreds by postponing your trip by a week, isn’t it worth it?READ MORE

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The Spendthrift’s Guide To Traveling On The Cheap Tip # 3

December 4, 2009 • By

The Spendthrift’s Guide | Back Again With Tips For Cutting Costs While You Travel 

Utilize online tools that will help you to find unadvertised fares

* Compare prices from different airlines by using fare search engines of online travel agencies like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity – each of which will email you a ‘fare alert’ for your particular itinerary. This pretty much means that you have to be flexible when it comes to carriers. Never be married to or loyal to any one airline or you will lessen your chances of finding a good deal. Airlines are aware of this trend and to counterbalance this reality, airlines try to match other sale fares offered by their competitors.

* Contact a specific airline’s website directly to book your flight with no booking fees. You will probably have to pay a nominal fee to book a flight by phone but if you do, try calling late (preferably after midnight); usually, that is when reservations that have been placed ‘on hold’ that day and not purchased are released.

Airlines have also been known to offer ridiculously low fares on early Saturday morning that can disappear within hours. It is up to the traveler to be vigilant about catching these ‘sneak’  or ‘glitch’ fares.READ MORE