The Newbie’s Guide to using the TripIt! Application

I’m a planner. I’m not the type A, OCD type of planner, but I like to keep things organized and in its place. Never is this more apparent than when I am planning the details of my vacation.

I like to have all of my flight, hotel and activity confirmations in one place where I can access them at any time.

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Google Reader dies in t – minus six hours….

Hi Dear Reader, As you may know by now, Google has decided to stop providing a way for all of us to read our collection of blog feeds.  If you are a subscriber and read my blog posts via Google Reader, you won’t be able to after midnight tonight. So, do me a favor.  Take [...]

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The 8 things that surprised me during my trip to Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy was my second sojourn into Europe. Having visited Paris the year prior, I thought myself very fortunate to be going back so quickly. I had been intrigued with Rome for awhile, mostly through the lens of a movie camera.

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Today’s photo proves that you can find opportunities anywhere without really trying. We were on our way back to our rental in Honolulu, Hawaii when we happened upon five men who were kayak racing down a canal. The canal just happened to be parallel to Pinky’s Pupu Bar where we were enjoying an Aloha plate, [...]

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Enjoying a Rainy Day in Van Dusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver

The rain brought with it silence and solitude as we walked along the massive pathways that guided us past a menagerie of trees, shrubs and perennials.

It was the cusp of late winter dawning in to early spring and the gardens took on an interesting profile.

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When carving your path in life, make sure that you’re the sculptor

Everybody has a story. Each story is a mix of varying parts of happiness, sadness, hope and regret. It’s rare to find anyone who is completely happy with their lot in life, but the smart ones know that complaining never helps nor does it make anything better. If they are dissatisfied with the path they’re on, they’ll strive to make changes that will take them on a different route.

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