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A Salute to Fall from Prince Edward Island!


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I have decided to give cruising another chance


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The Newbie’s Guide to booking accommodations – part 1

When it comes to finding accommodations while traveling, I’m somewhat of a pragmatist. I don’t require 5* stays mostly because I see it as a colossal waste of money. When I travel, I see my hotel room as somewhere to lay my head at night. I didn’t travel so that I could stay in a room, I plan to spend as little time there as possible! But this is just my budget conscious opinion.

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Spotlight on: The Georgia D.O.T.’s HERO unit

It is inevitable that you will come across one of these bright yellow vehicles during the course of your rush hour commute. They are responsible for moving disabled vehicles from the highway onto the shoulder or clearing wrecks from the highways in order to facilitate a smoother traffic flow.

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The Newbie’s Guide to using the TripIt! Application

I’m a planner. I’m not the type A, OCD type of planner, but I like to keep things organized and in its place. Never is this more apparent than when I am planning the details of my vacation.

I like to have all of my flight, hotel and activity confirmations in one place where I can access them at any time.

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Google Reader dies in t – minus six hours….


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