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Checking out the Big Zombie Tour with Atlanta Movie Tours, Part 2


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Checking out the Big Zombie Tour with Atlanta Movie Tours, Part 1


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The 8 things that surprised me during my trip to Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy was my second sojourn into Europe. Having visited Paris the year prior, I thought myself very fortunate to be going back so quickly. I had been intrigued with Rome for awhile, mostly through the lens of a movie camera.

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A Review of Gatlinburg Falls Resort in Tennessee

I have always believed that you can find little hidden treasures close to home. I think Gatlinburg Falls Resort is one such treasure. It is located approximately six miles from the little town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with only the Smoky Mountains National Park separating the two.

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The Top Five Things to Do in Amsterdam in 24 Hours

I have to admit, before my visit in November, my impression of Amsterdam was that it was a party town, a place to score mary jane and watch lots of live porn. Mind you, this was coming from a very uninformed point of view. The Amsterdam that I actually witnessed is the polar opposite.

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A Review of two sisters, The Hotel Taylor and Hotel L’Annexe in Paris, France

There is nothing more comforting when you visit a city far away from home than knowing that your newer and more temporary digs offers you that same warmth and familiarity. I felt that way as soon as I found my way to the second and third hotels that we would be staying at in Paris, France.

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A Review of the Hotel Paradis in Paris, France

There’s one truth about large cities. There are lots of hotels. Lots. There will never be a shortage of them but there always seem to be a shortage of recommendations of which may be the best ones to stay at. I had the chance to stay at a hotel in Paris called Hotel Paradis. Paradise. That’s a lot to live up to and I was anxious to see how close the experience would come to it.

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Introducing Cloud Nine Living

I’m not going to lie. I love gadgets, trinkets and thingamabobs as much as the next person. However, there comes a time when you figure out that you have more than enough ‘things’ and that you’ve reached a saturation point. Never does this become more clear than when you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all. Or perhaps they do not.

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NetZero stages a comeback with its new 4G Mobile Broadband Hotspot device

One of the most frustrating things about traveling is the inevitable search for wi-fi hotspots. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be staying in accommodations where wi-fi is available you are lucky indeed. Unless…… you have to pay a tidy per diem for the pleasure. Think about it. Between paying to logon at the airport, hotel or wherever you have to access the internet, you can end up paying a pretty penny at the end of the day.

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Discovering the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park with Wildlife Expeditions of Teton Science Schools

Last summer, I spent an entire day exploring two of our best known National Parks. They’re the ones that everyone learns about in school but nothing prepares you for what you actually witness up close and personal. We were fortunate to be the guest of the Teton Science Schools which has two campuses in the Grand Teton National Park and in the city of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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