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Requiem of a burned out travel blogger


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How to stop tap dancing for the world and reclaim your sanity

Are you at a point in your life where you’re constantly frazzled, burning the candle at both ends and can barely fire two synapses together because you are on emotional overload? You’re being pulled from all sides….the boss has you on an impossible deadline and so far the only thing that you’ve managed to produce is a case of the heebie jeebies (but who can afford to be out of work in this economy?).

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When carving your path in life, make sure that you’re the sculptor

Everybody has a story. Each story is a mix of varying parts of happiness, sadness, hope and regret. It’s rare to find anyone who is completely happy with their lot in life, but the smart ones know that complaining never helps nor does it make anything better. If they are dissatisfied with the path they’re on, they’ll strive to make changes that will take them on a different route.

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Where I am likely to vacation (i.e., run for my dear, sweet life) when the Zombie Apocalypse finally hits….

I think there’s a great possibility that people could wake up one day with a thirst for someone else’s flesh and brain matter. Before you laugh, have you seen the way our own (American) Congress has been acting up lately? Scary, huh? Or………. I could be watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead. So, there’s that.

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Not all those who wander are lost

There are certain unpleasant truths in life. Racism is one of them because it refuses to die a natural death and can and will live on forever into eternity if left unchecked. Many would have us believe that it’s unfashionable or gauche to declare this fact.

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The heart wants what the heart wants

What a familiar refrain, it’s romantic and decisive; but what if it didn’t matter? What if some things are simply out of your reach no matter how much you desire it? I’m the biggest proponent of going out into the world to fight for what you want, but there are times when fighting, no matter how valiant, is useless.

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