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Checking out the Big Zombie Tour with Atlanta Movie Tours, Part 2

Last week, I shared my experience with the first part of the Big Zombie Tour in Atlanta.  Today, I want to discuss the second part that covered location shots in the small towns of Senoia, Grantville, Newnan and Haralson, Georgia.  Senoia is roughly 50 miles away from the main tour offices in Atlanta, so you would have to either […]

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Checking out the Big Zombie Tour with Atlanta Movie Tours, Part 1

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of the macabre.  Horror movies have always been my favorite genre.  I love the idea of being frightened out of my wits and I suspect I’m not alone in that feeling.  I’m not saying that I haven’t looked away or closed my […]

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A Salute to Fall from Prince Edward Island!

  I first fell in love with Prince Edward Island through the narrow view of a photo lens.  Its’ vast beauty shined through whether it was the picturesque countryside or pensive seaside.   I was enamored with its quaint architecture, beautiful seashore and knew that one day I would have to bear witness to it to make […]

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Fire your satellite or cable company and never look back!

There is no one more devoted to the idiot box than I, but that didn’t mean that I had to become one just to be able to watch the shows that I love.  If you ask me, the price of watching television has become ridiculously high without justification. The more I hear about how high […]

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I have decided to give cruising another chance

Roughly six years ago, I took my first cruise and I can distinctly recall declaring that it would be my last.  As luck and life would have it, I am eating my words.   I think sometimes when we have time to look back on things and the resulting decisions, your vision becomes a little less […]

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One of the special delights of traveling is that you find yourself in extraordinary and unexpected circumstances.  We decided to spend a little time in Miami before boarding our cruise ship the next day.  As an avid gardener and a fan of architecture, I thought a visit to the National historic landmark, Vizcaya Museum and […]

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What is this 1000-1000 Challenge that you speak of?

Todd Wassel, a travel blogging friend of mine who runs the Todd’s Wanderings blog has issued a challenge to his fellow bloggers.  The 1000 – 1000 Challenge is a call to arms for bloggers to increase their readership to 1000 unique visits per day and their blogging income to  at least $1000.00 per month.  Initially, […]

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The Foodie’s version of Heaven: The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

I first heard about the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (1505 2nd Avenue West , Vancouver, BC V6H 3Y4) while watching Rachael Ray’s $40.00 a day show on The Food Network’s channel back in 2006.  Rachael was tasked to buy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for under $40.00.  This particular show had her searching the city […]

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Today’s photo was taken during my trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.  We had taken a trolley tour of the beautiful and picturesque Acadia National Park.  This picture affected me because it was a gentle prod that, in the scheme of things, we are but a speck of lint floating around the universe.  That alone should […]

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11 of the best FREE things to do in Atlanta

There are so many delightful surprises that I could share with you about my adopted home, Atlanta Georgia. I could start with the Georgia Aquarium, the largest in the world….or I could tell you about the Margaret Mitchell House and point to the old sewing table where she penned “Gone With The Wind” over the […]

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