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A Review of the Hotel Paradis in Paris, France

December 1, 2012 • By

Hotel Paradis

There’s one truth about large cities. There are lots of hotels. Lots. There will never be a shortage of them but there always seem to be a shortage of recommendations of which may be the best ones to stay at. I had the chance to stay at a hotel in Paris called Hotel Paradis. Paradise. That’s a lot to live up to and I was anxious to see how close the experience would come to it.

After a little confusion about my reservation, I was given a card key and directed to the very bijou elevator that would take me up to my room on the sixth floor. The room was the the hotel’s suite….it was larger than I thought it would be with plenty of room to mill about without feeling constrained. You immediately walked into a foyer which is always a great transition into the rest of the suite. The bathroom was just to the right of the sitting room. It was nice to see that the toilet was separated from the rest of the bathroom; an asset in certain situations. The bath was obviously a renovation and a very well done one at that. The furnishings were meager, but functional and the predominate color was a wine/mauve and silver medallion combo that seemed to suggest that couples were in mind when they decided on the decor for this suite.

The bedroom was really nice. It consisted of a queen sized bed with a flat screen tv hanging prominently on the opposite wall. I would have loved to have seen end tables on either side of the bed because it was awkward having to place things on the floor. We couldn’t help but notice that none of the lights worked…nor did the electricity in general. We finally realized that the large apparatus on the entrance wall controlled the power in the suite. You would have to insert your room’s card key to access electrical power. As soon as you left the room, you removed the card and take it with you. It’s actually a brilliant concept and a sure-fire way of controlling utility costs for the hotel. I think it should be used everywhere.

Hotel Paradis

Some other observations: The view from the bedroom was amazing. We saw the Sacre Coeur in the distance which was a lovely surprise. In general, the area was very quiet and peaceful which can be an absolute blessing after a long day of sightseeing. The irony is that you are surrounded by great restaurants, a grocery store, bakeries and other retail establishments, so you wouldn’t think it could be so quiet. I think that fact that this part of the 10th arrondissement is a residential area may have something to do with it.

A coffee maker with coffee was provided, there was no room safe, and an iron and board was stowed away in the large closet in the sitting room. Breakfast is served in the lobby for 15 euros per person. The wi-fi signal was very strong, which is a necessity for all travelers quite frankly, not just bloggers. The floor was carpeted but noticeably uneven in some spots but not enough to make you trip up or hurt yourself. One of the hotels best assets is their personnel. I was warmly greeted and assisted by the front desk clerks with a smile and an eagerness to serve. Overall, my impression was a positive one and I would stay there again.

Disclosure: I was a guest of the Hotel Paradis for one night. However, this review is my personal impression of my experience there.

Hotel Paradis
41, rue des Petites-Écuries – 75010 Paris – France
+33 1 45 23 08 22

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