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Pictures of Lima, Peru

September 14, 2012 • By



When I decided to visit Easter Island, I was really trying to burn frequent flier miles since rumor had it that the upcoming British Airways program revamp would require almost double the miles it currently took to book an award trip.

Thankfully, our fears didn’t materialize but I was glad that I booked it anyway since the new program is distance based so I would have to use significantly more miles today than I did before the change took place in November 2011.

I found out that B.A. allowed stopovers which is the best friend that a traveler could have.  As long as I had the time to spare, I could travel to many cities along the way to my final destination as long as the flights were in a logical (read: circular) path.

So, Lima wasn’t high on my to-do list, but why not?  I’d never been and I figured it would be a great move.  First impressions weren’t great because the hostel where we stayed sat on a piece of real estate that resembled times square in NYC….it was v-shaped and both sides of the street were impassable due to a water main leak.  Once we navigated our way through the mounds of earth, we made our way upstairs only to be told our room was downstairs.  The room was nice enough…no phone and right on the street, but we dealt with it.  What happened next was not funny.

After taking a quick cat nap because we were so exhausted and didn’t care about suffering from jet lag later, we woke up and realized that we were locked in our rooms!  When I tried to unlock it, it didn’t work.  I reached for the room key, it didn’t work.  Screaming would do no good because the construction guys were outside moving dump trucks and jackhammering the streets.

There was no phone….thankfully, there was wi-fi….so I fired up the computer and emailed the front desk.  After emailing back and forth and them sending a locksmith who failed miserably, we were released after two hours.  AHHHHH!!!  Ok, it was funny in retrospect….just another memory created!  The door had three locks…one of which was a round latch.  I think turning it at the right time is what saved our bacon.

Despite those couple of false starts, we found the time to visit the city which was amazingly beautiful and we’re so glad that we gave Lima a chance….you should too!





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