A Psalm For My Soldier

July 30, 2012 • By
We’re down to the wire! Two days left of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. A few years ago, I wrote this on the day that several soldiers were killed during a mission in Iraq. I started to think about the families that they left behind who would never have another chance to say, “I love you”. They would never have another opportunity to say the untold number of things that they wished they could have shared. I wrote this from the point of view of a loved one entrusting the life of her soldier into the hands of the military. This is how I would feel if I had to say goodbye.



My smile flew away the moment you kissed me goodbye and walked through the gate.

It waited patiently for you to come sit beside and hold it within the warmth of the hollow of your hands and safeguard it ’til you reached your destination.

I remembered that you had the good sense not to look back because you knew that you would see the jumbled, emotional mess you’d be leaving behind.

We didn’t talk about the almost month of Sundays when we would be separated by an ocean or two, instead we talked about what we’d do the moment our eyes caressed one another again.

We marveled about how we’d sit down and discuss the ‘must-haves’ for the new house that would accommodate the things a sentimental fool like me couldn’t bear to part with.

You never complained because you knew how difficult it was for me to let go of things near and dear to my heart.

We spoke of wishes and hopes and dreams and gave no power to the underlying fear that went unspoken, but certainly felt.

Be safe, my love. I pray that you will come back to me; if not whole in body, then in mind and spirit.

But should God decide that He needs you more, know that my heart will be forever waiting for you on the other side.