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My Top 10 Pet Peeves

July 27, 2012 • By

Ok, I’m behind again! This is day 27 of the UBC! I decided to offer another list….of my top pet peeves! Everyone has them…you know…the little day to day issues that bug the heck outta you. There’s often little you can do about it, so you vent!! Today, I’m venting….

* This is probably a regional thing because lord knows, the south is rampant with this problem. People who burn leaves and trash and pollute the neighborhood.   Apparently, their olfactory nerves are shot and they don’t realize how offensive the smell is.   Meanwhile, we (the neighbors) have to seek refuge in our homes like we are trying to escape the next application of agent orange. Moreover, why hasn’t our local government banned that activity?

* People who will walk right past you at work as if you were invisible.   They will not look at you or speak to you.   This is especially crazy-making after you’ve said a warm and bubbly “Good Morning’ and they say nothing, not a smile, not a peep.  Maybe it’s the southern girl in me, but I think that’s just rude!

* People who will tell all of their business in front of a throng of strangers. I think they believe that speaking into a cell phone deafens the rest of us.

* People who REFUSE to let you merge as you come up the on ramp. I think this is the one joy that they have in life, to piss others off who can’t quickly get out of the car to give them the beating reasoning of their lives.

* One sided friendships. The kind where you give and give and give and the other takes and takes and takes. I really believe that people can only do what you allow, but I think we’ve all met people who constantly have their hands out and never know how to reciprocate and could be virtually added as a dependent on your tax return. That’s the person that I’m talking about.

* People who will start conversations when they see that you are otherwise engaged. If I am watching television or reading a book, how does one interpret that as “She wants to have a conversation with me?”

* People who try to explain a concept to you that you explained to them last month, but somehow they’ve forgotten that.

* People who will gather together as a group to block walkways in (or on) airports, sidewalks, movie theaters, etc. They do not have the courtesy to move over when people are simply trying to get from point a to b. They think that the term “right of way” only applies to them.

* People who allow their children to kick the backs of your seats to the tune of their favorite song at the moment while you are at the movie theater or on airplanes. Aren’t they precious?

* People who share too much at work. I love chatter as much as the next person, but I really do not need a verbal (sometimes with pics!) news scroll of everything that is presently going on at your house.

Whew… that feels better!  What are some of the things that irk you, dear reader?