A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem – Suicide

July 27, 2012 • By
Since I am behind on my ultimate blog challenge, this is my second post of the day. It’s a serious subject: Suicide. I am an avid tumblr user and there is a group of young people who for whatever reason, live with very little hope in their lives. I saw the poster below and I felt that I had to respond, but I had to take care and not be preachy because they feel that they get enough of that from the ‘rents’ (translation: Parents).

What if……

You turn your life around and those miserable and lonely 30, 40, 50 years turn into the best years of your whole life?

What if……

The problems that seem so insurmountable today, works itself out without any help or interference from you?

What if……

You don’t have all of the answers and that sometimes it helps to talk to someone who has more than you do?

What if…..

You were meant to be here on this earth to do greater things than you’ve ever thought yourself capable of?

To anyone who thinks that suicide is a way out… are wrong. It is a cry for attention. You feel as though you are not being heard. I hear you and if I hear you then there are hundreds more who hear you. We have our own lives yes….but we care about yours too. Everyone matters. Everyone has a place. Do not let people or circumstances cheat you out of yours (side eyeing a sweet girl that I will refer to as D).

YOU have every right to be here….living and breathing the HELL outta life. Don’t let your youthful inexperience convince you otherwise. You have a story to tell, a few hearts to break and a fantastic career all waiting for you but it will all mean nothing if you leave this earth. Life is difficult, there are no promises, but the ones that do exist, exist for the living. Once you are gone, people will cry….they will be upset….but guess what? They will move on with their lives at some point and where will you be?

The things that seem so crucial and critical today, you will look back on it and say to yourself…what in the hell was I thinking? C’mon….think back on something that you thought was the end of the world three, four, five years ago. You’ve matured enough to know that it was much ado about nothing. The urgency that we create in our heads is never as dramatic as we make it out to be. It just means that we can’t always get what we want….when we want them…..but good things can come to those who wait. But you have to be around to do that. Life truly is what you make of it…..and know that there are people out there who care. Like me! ;-D