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Ultimate Blog Challenge – Bent But Not Broken

July 25, 2012 • By

Today is the 25th day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This post is about how the term ‘grow old with me’ is becoming rare these days. I think of my parent’s long marriage and wonder if it is now a thing of the past. I hope not.


My wounded heart ached for a while when you left

In all of the confusion and uncertainty

I decided to pick my life up and find a reason to go on

to find some way to move past the hurt and rejection


For months, I asked why…..why wasn’t I enough?

You made me feel as if I had a missing piece that you couldn’t live without

So you found it elsewhere……without the rest of me

I wasn’t what you needed or wanted


You’ve shaken my self-confidence; but only for the moment

I know one day soon, I will come back swinging and

whether you are there or not to witness my rebirth

is of no consequence to me because my real beauty


… strength…..will be on display for everyone else to see

I will no longer care that you felt you’d outgrown me

Because I will know for certain that my opinion matters more

than someone who got scared because my reflection

reminded him that life was short and he feared growing old with me


That silky skin that you so proudly trot around town will one day

wrinkle and lose its elasticity and vibrant glow like ours have

but you won’t be around to see it because by then she will begin

to notice that life is short and she feared growing old like you